D     E     S     I     G     N


D     E     S     I     G     N

Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.

— Paul Rand —


I specialize in developing projects that involve human behavior and anthropology methodologies to create human-centered design solutions. Furthermore, I have developed social projects in museums through the use of inclusive and human behavior methodologies.
My primary motivations include: visualizing human rights data, community-collected and qualitative data, ‘humanizing’ quantitative datasets; Helping minorities in disadvantaged positions and collaborating on projects involving the empowerment of women.
I believe in open data and open source.

Currently im learning Chinese in Shenzhen University


  • “Eliana has what it takes to build and create as a team, she knows how to listen and she cares about all the details of a creative process. “

    – Fundación Mar Viva-

  • “She takes care of each and every one of the details, with a very large sense of responsibility and adapts easily to unforeseen times.”

    -Fundación para la libertad de prensa-

  • “She knows very well how to deal with minority populations, analyzes the environment, adapts and creates efficient working methodologies.”

    -Marca Comunidad-


Bogotá - Colombia
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