Information design

My editorial designer career started  in 2011 at the Editorial of the Universidad del Cauca, I designed my first books in the same year, then joined as a field photographer for some books on ednographic research. From 2013 to 2017 I worked as the main Editorial designer for the Annual reports of the Risaralda Comfamiliar Clinic with the fortune of having total creative freedom. Between 2013 and 2017 I did various editorial design projects, the majority focused on investigations, user manuals, data and complex systems of graphic representations. 

Digital Design

With the intention of moving from printed to digital data visualization, From 2017 to 2018 With Datascketch and Cuestión Pública I began to explore data visualization and UIX designing the specials:  Survivors: Stories of women who have survived sexual violence /  Colombian cuisine:  A web app that tells you what to cook with what you have in your fridge/  La letra Menuda: A web app that shows you the analysis of 6 million contracts and teaches you to analyze them without falling asleep (we hope so)/ No bote el voto: An interactive web app for citizens to know the candidates for congress and their positions./ We know what you did last legislature: A large-scale journalistic investigation of data on the assets of former presidents and congressmen, also a web app where you can compare your salary with theirs.


In the majority of the projects i undertook, i incorporated design as a discursive element to convey various types of values. Some examples of these values include territorial branding, exhibitions, initiatives from civil organizations, among others