VENEZUELA. In this Fact Checking Hackathon, participating teams develop a prototype of a fact checking technological application that will make it easier for citizens, journalists and the media to confirm the veracity of a viral content.

No power is above yours

March 2018 / Course facilitator

COSTA RICA. In the framework of presidential elections in the country. Chicas Poderosas Pura Vida offers three virtual and free classes on data verification (fact-checking).

Inclusion, citizenship and gender

March 2018/ Organizer team, Speaker, Mentor

BRASIL. Open-door event focusing on inclusion, citizenship and gender. We looked at how to fact-check in Brazil and in Latin America in 2018, how to determine the veracity of information, and what is behind the data.

COLOMBIA. In partnership with Facebook, Consejo de Redacción. Chicas Poderosas offered a workshop on fact checking, the verification of data for more than 80 Colombian woman journalists, designers and developers.

Investigative Reporting Program “El poder de Elegir”

August 2017/  Organizer team, Speaker, Mentor

The Chicas Poderosas, multi-country investigative reporting program launched two virtual events of Data mining, Python and CrowdTangle. The virtual sessions was the prelude to  three-day event to train women journalists on how to analyze social media data, and mine data for reporting on presidential elections.