Humanizing crime data | Belize

Data visualization

Examined with participants the optimal ways of visualizing data from the Belize violence observatory. Taught participants how to conduct collaborative projects with different units that collect urban data, in order to reach joint solutions across stakeholders.

We explored different collaborative approaches to visualising data about crime and violence. We originally set out to see how data from the Belize Violence Observatory could be used to coordinate different kinds of collective responses. While participants had high levels of literacy, the technological resources and connectivity were much more precarious making it difficult to use basic online visualisation tools. This raised many questions and challenges about online data visualisation practices which are often taken for granted, but which would not work in the settings we were in – again suggesting the relevance of analogue approaches to data visualisation using more readily available materials.

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    INFOSEGURA Program Belize | United Nations Development Program Belize Violence Observatory

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