Journalism in the swipe era | Salvador


Explored how to adapt to the language of new media with innovative strategies, applying gender analytical frameworks.

Experimented with storytelling and script-writing to communicate through various social media platforms.


“How to report a femicide, without revictimizing or blaming the victim? How to tell the story beyond the news, to show the cycle of violence against women? How to convey such a complex issue in the language of new media and with innovative strategies?

These are some of the questions that were discussed in the International Workshop “Journalistic Coverage of Violence against Women”, which was held in San Salvador, with the aim of strengthening journalistic capacities to address violence against women, in their dimensions, types and conditions, from a gender perspective.


Twenty-seven journalists from the written press (48%), television (26%), digital media (17%) and radio (9%) participated in the workshop, as well as three communicators from international organizations. More than 50% of attendees were women.

The workshop was organized within the framework of the Joint Peace Program for the Post-Conflict Generation, whose objective is to strengthen and consolidate mechanisms of care and protection for people affected by different manifestations of violence, through capacity development, thus contributing to close the cycles that stimulate, reproduce and maintain violent behavior, challenging the consolidation of peace and the establishment of a sustainable development agenda.

The Program is implemented by UNDP, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), with support from the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund. “

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  • Employer

    JOINT PEACE Program for Generation-Post Conflict, San Salvador | United Nations

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    Loren Giordano, Eliana vaca