Data-Viz for no designers | Colombia

Visualización de datos para no diseñadores.

The talk has 3 components: Theory-tools- referents  and it is very aimed at collaborative work between: Journalists-Programmers and Designers.

The talk is divided into the following modules:

1. It is what is data viz in general terms.

  • Data: The importance of data
  • Representation: Online tools to see what is the best way to present the data.
  • Presentation: This is the bulk of the talk that is all about graphic design, typography, color, shapes.

2. References: Best ways to present data with examples “do and don’t”

3. The user: Tips to present the information depending on the type of users and their contexts.

4. Tips to handle information in electoral contexts.

5. Visualization of analog data for minority, indigenous, rural communities.

  • How to start discussions through the visualization of analog data.
  • How to more easily reach an audience that does not have access to a computer or advanced technology.
  • Employer

    Secretary of Education , Bogotá- Colombia