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Workshop developed for United Nations Development Program in Honduras in September 2018 to create a workshop with the Observatorios de Municipales de Convivencia y Seguridad Ciudadana. “These observatories were implemented in the 30 municipalities with the highest crime incidence in Honduras, and their objective is to generate information based on evidence that allows defining actions focused on reducing the levels of crime and violence. Additionally, the observatories serve as spaces for institutional articulation to make decisions and evaluate security results. The observatories regularly publish informative bulletins with hard data and statistics regarding the security situation of each of the municipalities.”

They worked with data on violent deaths of men and women and mainly wanted to practice how to present data disaggregated by gender, understand the indigenous concept of violence, . One of the goals was to create emotional pathways to initiate conversations around these difficult topics with the community through participatory activities, and to use limited resources to share sensitive and important data.

Another key objective was to teach officers how to create creative problem-solving strategies around physical context, lack of electricity, or video projectors.

The purpose of this workshop is to share experiences so that officers co-create data visualization with the community using elements that are found in the environment and do not represent a significant economic investment.

Among the topics addressed in the workshop are: Teen pregnancy, murders of women, encouraging indigenous communities to report domestic violence to the police, deaths from road traffic, reports of bulling in schools, murders, among others. 


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    INFOSEGURA Program Honduras | United Nations Development Program

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