Data-viz: From theory to practice | Salvador

De la teoría a la practica
I taught participants various methods for designing data visualizations, collaborating with programmers, designers, data analysts, and researchers. In this workshop, the focus was on how to “humanize” data and conduct resilience projects with victims and populations at risk. I designed low-cost analog data visualization workshops that incorporated empathetic design techniques, utilizing materials such as scissors, paper, stickers, post-its, and balloons. These workshops served two purposes: first, they facilitated the sharing of sensitive information with relevant organizations to better serve these communities, and second, they taught different methods that vulnerable and low-literacy populations could use to share data about their lives, experiences, and issues. For instance, we worked with participants to create analog visualizations depicting murders and femicides by region, type, and age.
  • Employer

    INFOSEGURA Program San Salvador | United Nations Development Program

  • Facilitators

    Mariana Santos Eliana Vaca