An innovative technological platform to gather information, make it intelligible, disseminate it massively, to building civil society capacity to mitigate and counter Dis-mis and mal information.

March 2018 to January 2019/ Co-Founder – Creative direction – Social media communication strategy – Graphic designer

I was part of the ideation, planning and execution of the project. I supported the team in the construction of the methodology and in the organizational planning, later I did support in UIX and the creative direction.

This project was born from the hackathon “Inclusion, citizenship and gender in Brazil. looked at how to fact-check in Brazil and in Latin America in 2018, how to determine the veracity of information, and what is behind the data. “

Politiquem? It is collaborative platform that presents two candidates for the presidency of the 2018 Brazilian elections and their positions on relevant issues: Public Security: Criminal maioridade, Militarization of RJ / Public health: Criminalization of abortion in case of rape/ SUS: OS Prevention Reform/ Education: School reform /Energy: Privatization of Eletrobras / Environment:Demarcation of indigenous lands, Use of potential water in the industry, Break of the barragem of rejeitos of Vale do Rio Doce / LGBTQI Discuss no matter the gender of the schools / Corruption: Lava-Jato/Historical supporter,Electoral historyIdeological bank that they belongs, Processes,Official Visibility, Patrimonial Evolution.


What does PolitiQuem do? Gather verified political information, present candidate profiles for presidential elections, filters to compare their data and “check” in real time on their positions.

Where does the information come from? From official sources of the federal government and from unofficial sources (NGOs, non-profit entities, researchers, international organizations).

How is information verified? The information will be collected from reliable sources and the user will be able to consult the source by clicking on the data. When filling in the data in the Check, we will have to put the source link as a “note”.

We will be able to count on the collaboration of partners, more specifically checking agencies, who are responsible for researching and filling in some of this information.

We map: What information does not exist about candidates? What information is confusing about candidates? What information do voters not have to vote?

Why do you need to have a PolitiQuem? Candidate information exists in a dispersed form and is sometimes incomplete, relative or out of context. The aim of the project is to gather this information to facilitate voter information, as well as comparison with other candidates, in addition to citing the sources from which the information was taken.

Once the user has consulted the candidates’ profiles or crossed some data, how can the application continue to be interesting for him to continue accessing? We intend to look for a dynamic way to power the app.


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