Series of stories of journalists who were murdered during their journalistic investigations and still remain unpunished.

August – December 2016 / Brand creation-Creative direction-Editorial and Graphic design- Production- Communication strategy.

This was a project requested by FLIP (Foundation for Freedom of the Press). It is a traveling exhibition project, multiplatform of data visualization, graphic design, editorial and brand development.

FLIP wanted to tell the stories of the unpunished homicides of journalists perpetrated during its investigations and for them to be seen and understood by the greatest number of people around the country.

The challenge: create informative and didactic pieces that can be seen and understood by a wide range of audiences. The exhibition would be in public squares and universities in different cities of the country.

Formal: I designed and produced book-shaped folding modules that could be closed for easy portability and when opened, they would stand on their own without the need for additional supports.
The modules were accompanied by newspapers containing more detailed contents of the cases that the journalists were investigating.

Content: The main purpose was to analyze the data and highlight the geography of the country, in an attempt to make evident the journalistic work carried out in the periphery and the risk involved in being a rural journalist.

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