One hundred women journalists, communicators, designers, and social leaders come together to create traditional stories about the territory and the defense of the environment.

October 2019 / Co-Creator

One hundred women journalists, communicators, designers, and social leaders participated in the #TierraPoderosa Mediatón that Chicas Poderosas organized in in Popayán, Colombia, with the support of Open Society Foundations, SIDA, Google News Initiative, Meedan, Check, and the program of Social Communication of the Popayán University Foundation.

For two days, 100 women from different parts of Colombia participated in the meeting held by Chicas Poderosas, where they collaborated in an interdisciplinary way to create multimedia journalistic projects. On the first day, they held workshops to acquire journalistic tools to address these issues that they can then use in their work. In addition, the most urgent environmental and social issues were reported with presentations from civil society organizations. These presentations served to get us on topic, sensitize us, and inspire us to choose which stories to tell. Based on the topics that interest them, the work teams that chose the approach and format in which they were going to tell the story were formed.
On the second day, they participated in two more workshops, and then became fully involved in collaborative work. A mentor with journalistic and editorial experience joined the team to guide them and help them organize the work. At the end of the second day, the teams presented their work in front of all the participants.

After the conclusion of the Mediatón, for a month the teams continued working to finish the projects and leave them ready for publication in national and regional media.

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